Security assessments

On this page we provide more information about our security assessment services. With this service we can do research for you in the field of vulnerabilities, security, online criminal investigation, and privacy.

Scans, Pen-tests and Red-teaming

We conduct research and security tests in regard to intrusion of computer systems and physical buildings. In essence, this form of testing means that the resilience of security measures are taken into consideration. Then you will know for sure whether all security measures are working effectively or not.

Do you know how effective your security controls are?

Intelligence and Social Engineering

All kinds of information can be collected through the Internet, Social Media and even people themselves. Think of personal data, but also financial and other sensitive data and this applies to both individuals and companies! We can search these sources for undesirable information sharing.

How much data do you leak unknowingly?

Scans, Pen-tests & Red-teaming

Below you will find an overview of our services with regard to vulnerability scans, penetration tests and red-teaming. After all, you are at the right address when it comes down to researching the technical condition of your environment.



Do you have a website, email environment, cloud service or IT infrastructure that you want to have security scanned or tested? We can carry out a vulnerability assessment and pen-test for you, in which we will investigate whether the ingredients for the recipe of a hack or data-leak exists. Based on the findings, we also help to enable you to remediate the issues that have been found.

Ask us today to execute a test to investigate the overall security of your environment.



Would you like to know whether a specific security measure, website or IT infrastructure can be breached? To answer this question we can perform a pen-test. A vulnerability scan is primarily automated, but with a pen-test we ourselves will use manual tools. We will use various hacker techniques to test whether or not the subject can be breached.

A pen-test continues where a vulnerability scan ends. We test the resilience using manual hacker techniques.


We can also carry out Red-teaming tests. In short, this means that we will test the security measures of your organization, and this can be the guard at the entrance, right down to entrance gates at the data center. We look at how far we can get breach your organization and what defects we encounter along the way. Finally, we help you find solutions for the findings.

Red-teaming is the challenge for your set of security measures for people, process and technology!

Intelligence & Social Engineering

Finding information via the Internet, social media and people themselves is something we are trained and experienced in. People unknowingly leak more data than we think and want, and we can therefore figure that out for you. You can read more about this below.

Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) are research methods for collecting information from public sources. Think of the Internet, Social Media, the library and other forms of publicly available information. This can go from a “due diligence” investigation to finding fraudsters active on your web store.

Would you like to have a thorough online investigation and want to learn more about what can be found online? Then we would like to hear from you.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is the practice, or actually art, of getting information from people. A Social Engineering test can be very useful to test whether your awareness campaigns actually work. Does your HR department just pass on Social Security numbers by phone? Or does your IT engineer tell you if there are any issues? We will look into that for you!

We can investigate this often unknowingly way of leaking data and that helps you to give a boost to your awareness training.

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