Fraud investigations

On this page we provide more information about our service in the field of fraud investigations and cyber crime. With this service, we can conduct investigations for you into fraud-prone areas in your business processes or technology.

Notable possibilities

Whether it is a proactive investigation or an investigation after a fraud incident or cyber crime, we can help you in any situation.


Proactive investigation

When business processes or technology have hidden temptations, then you can quickly become victim of fraud or other forms of cybercrime. With our knowledge and expertise on many different forms of fraud, we can help you investigate the vulnerable areas in your business. Based on our advice you can then take targeted controls to reduce or even eliminate the risk of fraud and cybercrime effectively.

Try to prevent becoming a victim and call in our help to make your organization resilient.

Incident investigation

Unfortunately it happened, your company’s wallet was robbed. You may have been scammed by CEO-fraud, e-commerce fraud or perhaps in some other way. We can help you investigate what happened and where it went wrong. The focus here is not necessarily on finding the perpetrator, but on learning what went wrong. Based on those lessons, we can advise you which controls can prevent recurrence.

Don’t wait after theft, and take immediate action with a thorough investigation. We help you with that!

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